This may be your last Facebook vote…

via This may be your last Facebook vote… | Consumer Watch,, 12/4/2012.

Facebook is once again asking for your vote, and this time they want you to vote on whether you will have a vote on future changes. Whaaaat?

The iconic social marketing site is putting a whole suite of new policies to a vote of its estimated 1 billion users, and 30% of users (a number roughly equivalent to the population of the U.S.) must vote down the changes by next Monday (Dec. 10). The changes include:

  • Facebook will eliminate voting on site governance changes in favor of taking user feedback through a question-submission system and webcasts.
  • Facebook can share data to and from its affiliates, including Instagram (which it recently acquired).
  • Facebook may change who can contact you via Messages.
  • Facebook may clarify who can view your content after you hide it from your Timeline.

For its part, Facebook has said it has outgrown the old voting system, which has to have 7,000 comments to make any changes. Of course, that policy was enacted when the site (and its hoodie-wearing founder Mark Zuckerberg) was much younger. The 7,000-comment threshold is reached very quickly with any vote.

However, it remains highly unlikely that 300 million people will vote. According to Facebook’s voting page, approximately 130,000 people had voted as of Tuesday evening, with voters rejecting the change by a more-than 10-to-1 margin. However, it seems to be purely academic at this point: if the 300,000,000 threshold is not reached, the vote would be “advisory”. But I still put in my two cents’ worth anyway, while I still have a vote.


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