Let’s hear some good news!

via Let’s hear some good news! | Consumer Watch, clarionledger.com, 1/1/2013

People in the news business often hear the complaint “the only things you ever seem to hear about are the ‘negative’ stories.” Sure enough, there are often many more stories highlighting the bad side of human nature than the good. After all, every journalist has heard at some point that news is not when “dog bites man” that makes news; it’s when “man bites dog.” We are trained to look for the unusual. Often, that ends up being a disruption in the normal order of things.

It’s not that journalists are looking for the bad; it’s just that — probably too often — the things that make news are those about people and situations that break the rules in some way, or stories involving some level of human suffering.

If there is a pile of rocks, it may be easy to talk about the rocks, how they got there, what calamities brought them to that point, etc. However, it’s often easy to miss the beautiful but determined flower that overcomes all obstacles and blooms in a crack in the rock. It’s a good time to remember that journalists are people too, with their own lives, families and challenges in life. We like to talk about good news as much as anybody.

My friend Annie Oeth makes it a regular practice to collect “cheers and jeers”, stories from her readers about both the bad and the good. With that in mind, I’d like to ask you for stories about good customer service. Did a business go above and beyond in helping you resolve some problem? Did somebody make your day just by being nice? Were you surprised that a repair service actually said you didn’t need a costly repair? Did a business earn your eternal loyalty by making you feel important, and not just a “number”?

If so, please take a few minutes to drop me an email at moakconsumer@gmail.com. I will collect these and write about them in a future post.


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