Customers report roaches in car

A local couple has filed a complaint with the Mississippi Attorney General’s office after a nightmarish saga of trying unsuccessfully to eradicate a roach infestation in the car.

In May, Charles Johnson and his fiance’ Demetrice purchased a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix from Straight Line Auto Sales in Jackson, paying $900 in down payment money and a financing contract. When they took the car home to transfer their possessions from their old car to the new one, they noticed roaches running around the car. “…there were roaches everywhere,” notes Johnson, who has a “phobia about roaches.”

The following Monday, they returned the car to request a replacement. The dealer offered to have it sprayed; however, there were still roaches afterwards. A week later, Johnson returned the car to have it sprayed again. He reports speaking to the finance manager, who told him that he would be able to trade the car for another vehicle, promising if he had “seen another roach they would get me another car.” However, Johnson reports that he was once again rebuffed, with promises that the car would be sprayed a third time.

By this time (June 3), Johnson reported that officials at Straight Line refused to comply with that promise to replace the vehicle, instead trying to get an exterminator. At this point, Demetrice noted that the couple “just wanted their money back.”

“I wish I could make a story up like this but you have to see it to believe it,” Johnson said.

On Monday, I spoke with Joel Smith, Sales Manager at Straight Line Auto Sales, who told me the problem had been resolved on Friday, with Johnson getting a new vehicle.


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