Skechers settlement checks arriving in mailboxes

via Skechers settlement checks arriving in mailboxes | Consumer Watch,, 7/16/2013

Following up on a previous post, consumers have begun getting their refunds in the settlement against Skechers shoe company. The company settled a class-action lawsuit, which alleged that “Skechers Shape-Up” shoes were sold using misleading advertising claims. The company is sending checks to more than 520,000 consumers who bought the shoes, which were touted as being able to help with overall fitness, weight loss and toning. Refund checks were reported to be between $40.00 and $80.00, depending on which shoes were purchased.

Robin Osborn of Snellville, Ga. wrote me that she received her check this week, although she has mixed feelings about the shoes. “My two cents about the shoes is that I’m disappointed that they didn’t work as ‘exercise shoes’”, she noted. “However, I broke my ankle right before purchasing the shoes. The Shape Ups were (in my opinion) excellent ‘in-between’ shoes. I wwnt from my walking cast to the Shape ups. I don’t know if its because they are elevated or what, but my foot felt supported. I guess it’s a good thing that the shoes didn’t work out my leg muscles, because the shoes might have been a bad thing. I gues they felt kind orthopedic. I doubt Skechers would like that for their ladies’ shoes :)


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