Apple iOS 7 said to be power-hungry

Originally published on, 9/22/2013

Earlier today, I downloaded the newApple iOS 7 system on my iPhone and iPad. While I am still getting used to it, friends have noted that the new version seems “cartoonish”, and there are certain to be many reports out soon about the new, highly-anticipated system. But there have been some reports already that the new system seems to be particularly adept at sucking the life from your iPhone batteries, and it had drained from 75% to eight percent in a few short hours. Here are a few things The Consumerist suggests some apps you can turn off to save battery life:

  • AirDrop.
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth.
  • Dynamic wallpaper, using animation.

Apple has yet to release anything about a fix, but the biggest two recommendations are to plug in more and turn off Background App Refresh. You may not know it, but unless you turn off this feature, your apps are constantly trying to update themselves. This sucks battery life. You can disable it by visiting Settings > General >Background App Refresh. (For older versions, you can turn off individual apps by hitting the main button twice, then double tapping any app on the bottom of the screen, then hitting the little button that appears on the top left of the app.)

As my 17-year-old insists, battery life is one of a growing number of areas in whichApple products are being outdistanced by their competitors. Since I have a contract expiring soon, it may be time to check out the options. I’ll let you know.


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