Christmas Gratitude

Originally composed in 2013 as a gift of gratitude to my Lifegroup at Broadmoor Baptist Church.

PDF: christmas gratitude

Once upon a time, God gave the greatest gift.
He gave His only son, to heal the awful rift.

Mankind was lost in hopelessness, mired in the dark of sin,
But at the humble manger, salvation lay within.

In courtly robes from far away, the learned Magi came,
Bringing gifts from royal courts, the baby to acclaim.

Gold had they, and frankincense; they recognized the King,
With myrrh, and its aroma rich, they knelt with golden rings.

God gives us gifts from infinite stores, according to His plan,
He waits to see how they’ll be used to help our fellow man.

Like seed sown in the parable, some will be sown in vain.
Some will be thrown in thorny ground, some on hardened plain.

But sowers wise will throw their seed in fertile, ready soil,
And reap a harvest hundredfold, worthy of the toil.

Recently, you’ve heard of needs of those within your midst,
Struggling to make ends meet, and needing an assist.

With hilarity and joyfulness, you gave with open hands,
And under anonymity, obeyed the Lord’s commands.

Your selfless act has helped meet needs in ways that can’t be known,
With every gift so freely giv’n, the seed of love is sown.

So with thankful hearts, and joyful song, we’ll serve, and love, and give,
And remember what you did for us, for all the days we live.

By Bill Moak, in thankfulness


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