Phishing attack targeting Miss. credit union customers

Originally posted in the Clarion-Ledger on 12/19/2013.

PDF: Phishing Credit Unions

Attorney General Jim Hood is warning consumers about automated phishing attempts targeting credit unions and their clients. Hood issued a news release today with the warning.

“The fraud is mostly being perpetrated by text messages touting a fake ‘Credit Union 24 Hour Alert’ that ‘your card has been suspended’ and then directing the receiver to call a certain number. Investigators have traced some of the phone numbers provided to locations outside the United States,” noted Hood in the release.

It’s just a good warning for all Mississippians to be aware of phishing, the incidence of which is rising sharply. Phishing perpetrators have gotten good at mimicking content on reputable sites, so no longer are poor grammar, bad design or other telltale signs of a fake site so easy to get. The best bet: if you get a questionable email, don’t open it. Instead, call your financial institution to ask if they sent an email, and report it to the Public Service Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office (1-800-281-4418).

The full text of the release may be read here:


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